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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Official Webpage stuff!

Howdy, and welcome to the Official blog of my Official website, mattritchey.net. Officially.

Some updates:

MATT'S PENTAMETER, my Shakespeare-based video blog, should be up with episodes within a few weeks. Jason Loya, my Mutiny Universe cohort, has been uber-busy with editing ELAN VITAL (the first major short film by our company), editing PENTAMETER, and creating the webpage for mattritchey.net. In short, he rocks. A round of applause for Jason, please. Jason (or, as I call him, JLo) has also recently been seen shooting a promo for Mun2 where he plays a zombie. The make-up was done by James Lacey, the same sfx make-up guy who did my "ghost" work on THE PARANORMALISTS. Check out the MUTINY UNIVERSE blog page for the "zombie brothers" photos.

I'm doing some spec work for Ellora's Cave this week, recording an audio bok for them. If all goes well, this could mean a contract with my voice-over management company, Precision Talent. Keep your fingers crossed!

Also in voice-over world, Spike and Otis, your favorite Maryland Public Transit Authority seagulls, are still going strong on Maryland radio. Here's hoping they need a few more spots recorded for the next cycle - Spike is such a fun seagull to voice!

Matt Bolish from TOMORROW THE WORLD PRODUCTIONS told me recently that THE PARANORMALISTS was coming along really well and that the original music for the piece was far better than he ever expected. I believe it should be done soon and in festivals around the time ELAN VITAL gets out next year.

I'm set to play a small role in a short tentatively titled LOVE 10 TO 1. The shoot date is prepped for the last weekend in October - I'll be playing "Hot Actor Guy." It's a short scene where I get rejected by a girl on our first date. No Acting Required.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find a way to get my stage play NEVERMORE produced. Please contact me if you would like to produce a lavish 19th Century murder-mystery drama based on Edgar Allen Poe, or if you just want to give away large sums of cash.

Until next time!


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