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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Merry Wives!

So, on January 2, I got an email saying that a production of MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR needed a replacement for the role of Pistol. I drove to Topanga Canyon that night and auditioned and got the part on the spot! I've been rehearsing for two weeks and we go up this Friday!

I'm excited! It's a great play, everybody in the cast is not only talented, but very cool, and it's nice to start off the year with a show!

Speaking of which, I'm slowly gaining some solid support for my Macbeth Project at Theatre West. Keeps your fingers crossed and I may be able to direct it by end of year!

AND I just got word that my check from MPTA is FINALLY at my agency (it was supposed to be there in August)!! Just in time for the IRS to figure out that I owe them something, I'm sure.